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Video City Guide was built the the idea that a 2 person team could create and manage their own city guide for smaller towns and cities. Larger cities may require a person dedicated to restaurants, nightlife, and attractions and justify a larger team.

Building and managing a website is difficult process. Rather than set up your own content management system, why not use ours? It will save you considerable programming costs and we'll even update it over time with new modern features like our 360 virtual reality tours, high res videos and photo galleries, and mobile optimized listings

Reasons to use Video City Guide

Besides the simplicity of using Video City Guide's infrastructure there are other long term advantages outlined below.

  • Increased Search Engine Optimization:Search engine optimization is mostly based on in bound links to your website. With Video City Guide each city that is added to the list of cities increases in the potential inbound links imcrementally. When you manage your own domain, you can't get the collective value associated with multiple cities.
  • Increased Brand Recognition: As site visitors get used to a system they will return to it over time. It's much easier for each City Guide Operator to get traffic from isitors living in other cities if they have heard of the concept before. It's nearly impossible for idendependant guides across the US to compete with the liks of Yelp, Trip Advisr, and other well established names by themselves. If we work together to manage content under one domain name, over time users will get to know the brand.
  • Team Effort: Working together let's us all connect on new ideas, features, and value added services. We are constantly working towards boosting traffic by attending conferences on Search Engine Optimization, the Tourism and Travel industry, and other tourism website oreinted events. We're guessing you're doing some research too. Together we can combine are insights and evolve towards a more effective site model over time.

If you're interested in learning more about managing your own Video City Guide city, please send us an email using the contact form below so we may schedule a time to talk in depth about costs, workload, and other key metrics.

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