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Video City Guide offers 2 levels of advertising. The featured package costs $99 per month or $990 per year. The Basic package costs $75 per month or $750 per year.

What's the difference between Basic and Featured?

Featured listings are always listed above Basic listings
Featured listings are displayed first and also use an image in the link to their profile vs. a logo for Basic listings. In the iamge below South Congres Avenue, the Domain, and Top Golf are featured listings. The rest are basic listings.

Image name

Featured listings are promoted on Basic listings.
Basic listings have a section on them where Featured listings are promoted that looks like the image below. The combination of being listed first, using an image to drive engagement, and promoting the featured listings on Basic listings lead to more views.

Image name
Featured listings are promoted on Basic listings

All Listings Include Quality Content

Video City Guide aims for high quality content for all listings in the guide. We're the first to include 360 virtual tours and will also display high resolution videos. These features are included with both listing types:

  • High resolution back ground images
  • High resolution photo gallery
  • 360 HDR virtual tour image with mobile virtual reality option
  • HD video if you have it (we can arrange for video production)
  • Full page of copy available to describe your business.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss promoting your business in Video City Guide.

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